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INFOME-Together With Farmers, Signs An Agreement For The Introduction of TtogTotg, A Digital Content Business Card
INFOME-Together With Farmers, Signs An Agreement For The Introduction of TtogTotg, A Digital Content Business Card
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[By Kim Jae-Min, Blockchain Today] As the use of digital business cards instead of paper business cards is becoming popular as part of carbon neutrality and ESG management practices, digital content companies InfoMe (CEO Kim Myeong-ok) and Together With Farmers (CEO Lim Myeong-taek) signed an agreement to introduce InfoMe's digital content business card service as a channel to connect producers and consumers in direct trade of agricultural, livestock, and marine products.

Through InfoMe's digital content business card service "TtogTtog," union members can quickly deliver their contact information, direct trade agricultural and marine products, and social media channels to consumers. The delivery method is KakaoTalk-text-QR code, mobile phone tap by NFC (Near Field Communication) tag card. The app can the deliver business cards even to consumers who do not have the app and and store them directly in their contact information, so it can perform the role of a direct transaction connecting members and consumers.

Lim Myung-taek, CEO of Together With Farmers, said, "If Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries Cooperative producers promote their agricultural, livestock, and marine products to consumers with digital business cards, direct transactions are possible." For example, he said, "It can also play a role in supplementing the limitations of the distribution structure of agricultural, livestock, and fishery cooperatives that cannot sell small amounts of agricultural, livestock and marine products produced by small farmers by delivering information on production areas such as Danyang garlic and Jeju tangerines in real time to consumers, achieving two objectives at once." In addition, in the contactless era, by creating group business cards for each region and cooperative, the business policy of the cooperative president is directly communicated to employees and union members, increasing the efficiency of economic business promotion and also serving as a useful work tool. 

InfoMe decided to share a common understanding of Together With Farmers' CEO Lim Myung-taek's firm resolve to practice digital distribution that trades the best products at the lowest price by utilizing the experience of working for 40 years at local agricultural cooperatives and central associations and provided him with the exclusive right to supply digital business cards and NFC cards. He signed a purchase contract to supply 1 million producers related to the agricultural, livestock, and fisheries cooperatives in the future.

Using the digital business card platform is free, and by purchasing one NFC card, the digital business card can be registered and used continuously like a business card. In this case, the producer's sales commission is free.

For inquiries, contact Together With Farmers.


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