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Metazellys announces strategic partnership with Ventures Network, a web3-based global donation platform
Metazellys announces strategic partnership with Ventures Network, a web3-based global donation platform
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[Blockchaintoday Reporter Jang Myungkwan] Expanding the global ecosystem through Metazellys and Ventures Network’s reward tokens and donation services

MetaZellys announced a strategic partnership with Ventures Network, which operates a Web3-based global donation platform. The two companies will collaborate to promote MetaZellys to users through a service that allows users to donate reward tokens received through their participation and activities.

Ventures Network provides a service that allows users to donate or exchange reward tokens earned through participation and activity for Starbucks coffee gift certificates. Through this, a more robust system is built and various benefits are provided through strategic cooperation and linkage with other platforms linked to various activities such as advertising and donations. It is a platform that combines a transparent donation system using blockchain technology and advertising know-how, and 500,000 people from about 200 countries participated during the beta test period.

Starting from the second week of April, we plan to conduct a global joint marketing campaign in collaboration with Ventures Network using MetaZellys content. Various content using Jellys characters, value as a membership community, and a trading service that provides stable profit signals have created an event where users and influencers around the world can voluntarily create and promote content, attracting many users to both companies. We plan to cooperate with each other to facilitate the influx.

Hyunjin Cho, CEO of Zellyspace, the operator of the MetaZellys project, said, "As the Ventures Network app is growing rapidly through the spread of various reward and donation cultures, we have been discussing mutual cooperation with the Ventures Network since last year. The two companies are a long-term partnership, not a short-term collaboration. “We want to solidify our position in the global ecosystem by establishing a . We have decided to help each other grow in the content and platform fields,” he said.

Eric Seo, Founder of Ventures Network, said, “MetaZellys is attracting attention at home and abroad with its open IP strategy, and is a true Web 3 community that newly interprets and pioneers the NFT market. Through this partnership, we hope to spread the good influence of Ventures Network around the world together with Zellyspace and provide users with true value. We will also develop the ecosystem together by introducing Zellyspace's services and digital experiences to Ventures Network users around the world. “He said.


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