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Bitrue Doubles Down on XDC Support with $25,000 Contest
Bitrue Doubles Down on XDC Support with $25,000 Contest
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SINGAPORE, April 18, 2024  Tier-one digital asset exchange Bitrue today announced extended support for the XDC ecosystem, organizing a trading contest with $25,000 in prizes for 16 newly added XDC trading pairs.

The contest, which starts on April 18th, 2024 at 10:00 UTC, will rank traders according to their total trading volume over the event period. The trader who trades the most on a particular pair will take home a prize of up to $500 paid out in XDC, with lower-ranking traders also being eligible for prizes.

The prize pool will increase based on the number of active participants trading during the contest, with $25,000 being the expected total prize pool. The contest will run until Thursday, April 25th 2024, 10:00 UTC.

The contest comes hot on the heels of XDC base pairs being added to Bitrue at the beginning of April, with a wide array of coins now able to be traded directly with XDC, the 16 supported trading pairs include AVAX/XDC, BTC/XDC, CIFI/XDC, DOGE/XDC, ETH/XDC, FXD/XDC, GBEX/XDC, MATIC/XDC, NEAR/XDC, PLI/XDC, PRNT/XDC, SOL/XDC, SRX/XDC, XDC/USDC, XDC/USDT, XDC/XRP, and XSP/XDC.

"XDC Network is already a prominent player in the crypto market, but Bitrue expects it to become even stronger during the year ahead and is thrilled to offer Bitrue users more ways to add this coin to their portfolios," said Robert Quartly-Janeiro, Chief Strategy Officer of Bitrue. "We hope everyone will take this trading contest as an opportunity to learn more about this coin while also having some fun."

Bitrue will soon announce additional developments concerning XDC. Traders can currently access XDC on the exchange through 16 pairs. 

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