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JPMorgan Predicts Further Losses After Bitcoin Halving
JPMorgan Predicts Further Losses After Bitcoin Halving
  • 블록체인투데이
  • 승인 2024.04.19 09:00
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With the digital asset market anticipating the arrival of the critical event, JPMorgan Bank has predicted the industry to face further losses after Bitcoin halving. The bank has therefore warned of a further drop to face the digital asset, despite market-wide anticipation. Also Read: BRICS: JPMorgan Issues Major US Financial WarningJPMorgan Says Bitcoin Halving is “Already Priced In”One of the most important events for the digital asset market is the Bitcoin halving. Indeed, JPMorgan has predicted further losses to meet the market with the arrival of the Bitcoin Halving. Subsequently, the Bitcoin Halving Event is scheduled to take place this Friday, April 19th.

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