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"Memevengers: Investing US$1,000 Turns into US$200,000,  Over 250x Profit - True Lightning Riches Come from Memes"
"Memevengers: Investing US$1,000 Turns into US$200,000,  Over 250x Profit - True Lightning Riches Come from Memes"
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  • 승인 2023.05.30 10:15
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[Blockchaintoday Reporter Jang Myungkwan] Following Pepe ($PEPE), Memevengers coins ($MMVG) is gaining attention as it continues the success story of meme coins with a staggering surge of approximately 28,000% within six (6) hours after its listing on UniSwap on the 25th (local time).

Examining one of the top wallets of $MMVG, excluding the two (2) wallets, we find that an investment of 0.91 ETH (US$1,743.22) has resulted in obtaining $MMVG valued at 230 ETH (US$436,253).

This translates to a profit of around 25,000%.  Some of these $MMVG were sold, securing 112.92 ETH (US$216,132.78) while $MMVG amounting to nearly 118 ETH still remain. Initial investment of US$7,500 has now turned into total assets worth US$200,000.

In another wallet (0x2776A99e74f9aeadAaD4A1D8A2929a66815AAFA3), two (2) investments totaling 0.8 ETH have yielded a profit of 65.4 ETH ($124,603).  This represents a return of over 8,100%.  Upon examining the coins held in this wallet, it becomes evident that it includes various meme coins such as Pepe Coin, Shiba Inu, Baby Doge, and Dogelon Mars.

Furthermore, when looking at the top holders of $MMVG, many investors have achieved value increases of over 20,000% relative to their investments.

As the investment fervor for meme coins, which had waned after Pepe Coin, reignites with the emergence of Memevengers, investors continue to flock towards meme coins despite the warning of investment risks.  This is because the typical investment format of "high risk, high return" allows for the realization of significant profits, and actual cases of such successes have emerged.

Currently, Memevengers' coin, $MMVG can be traded on UniSwap through WETH swaps, and it is poised to continue its upward trend with the listing on one of the major exchanges, MEXC scheduled for 10 a.m. UTC on the 30th.  The market eagerly awaits the actions of these investors as this meme coin has the potential to revitalize the recent sluggishness in the cryptocurrency market and become a true trendsetter and hero.


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